10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Jan 12)

Find out which nickname AJ Styles squashed ASAP in WWE...

AJ Styles WWE

One of the most iconic images of 1993 is Hulk Hogan standing proudly like some sort of returning saviour mid-ring at WrestleMania IX. Clutching the WWF Heavyweight Title as the show went off the air, Hulk was back with a vengeance. His haters didn't need to worry though, because he'd be gone just over 2 months later.

Believe it or not, stealing Bret Hart's thunder and conquering Yokozuna to become a 5-time champ wasn't Hulk's original plan when he talked terms with Vince McMahon on a WWF comeback. Hogan had something else in mind, and it horrified McMahon. When that happens, you know it had to be terrible.

Find out what the Hulkster wanted to do in this week's article and join us as we take a colourful trip through some other wrestling facts we didn't know last week. This is a unique one, folks. There's dancing, dominoes, country music and a broken leg...

10. The Mean Street Posse Often Played Dominoes With 'Taker & Kane

The Mean Street Posse

Of all the reasons why The Undertaker would threaten to "beat your ass", repeatedly beating him at dominoes must rank pretty far down most people's lists. This is the kind of story someone would make up for a comedy routine, but it actually happened to Pete Gas of Mean Street Posse fame during his run in the WWF.

Gas told the Sam Roberts podcast this week that he'd turn down playing video games with partner Rodney, Mark Henry and Stevie Richards in favour of some board game fun with 'Taker and Kane. That's right, one of the Posse used to play dominoes with The Brothers Of Destruction backstage. Wrestling is wonderful, isn't it?

On one occasion, Undertaker chased Gas down and reportedly kicked lumps out of him for continually winning. Given the fact Edge and Booker T fought over who would star in a Japanese shampoo commercial and Bret Hart once hammered Jean-Pierre Lafitte for stealing his ring jacket, we're surprised creative didn't turn this into an on-screen feud.


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