10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (March 17)

Find out what plan Brock Lesnar nixed post-SummerSlam 2016...

Roman Reigns Vs Aj Styles

The proven box office attraction of Brock Lesnar commands power in WWE nowadays, and with that power comes the ability for the man to pick and choose his own programs. Here, find out about one feud that Lesnar wasn't interested in working and actually turned down flat even though seeds had already been sown on television.

Joining Brock's reported power play last year, there are facts about the likes of Shawn Michaels, AJ Styles, Ryback and even the purveyor of 'Puppies' Debra McMichael.

There's also a cool fact about the lead-up to Kurt Angle's classic match with Michaels at WrestleMania 21, and another eye-opening story about rehearsals for the disastrous WrestleMania XXVII bout pitting Jerry 'The King' Lawler opposite fellow announcer Michael Cole

Let's dig in and look at the facts...

10. Ryback Believes WWE Hired Goldberg Out Of Spite

ryback goldberg

There's been a decidedly bitter vibe to many of Ryback's rants since the 'Big Guy' departed WWE in August, 2016, and it can therefore be easy to discount many of his podcast stories.

That'd be a mistake, because 'Conversations With The Big Guy' is exactly the kind of show that's worth seeking out; in amongst numerous slices of negativity, Ryback does have some favourable things to say about fellow peers and has a charming way of recanting stories.

Oh, and the former Intercontinental Champ also believes WWE only hired Bill Goldberg as a subtle dig at his departure from the promotion.

Ryback's relationship with WWE didn't end favourably, and the one-time pet project of Vince McMahon has been highly critical of his former employer; watching Goldberg's success in WWE since the tail end of 2016, a frustrated Ryback wondered aloud on his podcast why the company didn't hire the ex-WCW star to feud with him while he was still under contract, and left things by saying he thinks Goldberg was only brought on board to fill the void Ryback left.


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