10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Oct 13)

Want some totally new details about McMahon vs. Austin? You got it...

Mick Foley Stephanie McMahon

Mick Foley never truly looked comfortable during his time as Raw GM. Those who watched his entertaining performances as Commissioner in 2000 could spot that something was missing, and Mick himself confirmed that during an interview with Ring Rust Radio this week. It turns out fans weren't the only ones feeling Foley could do more.

The rules had changed for Mick since he last clowned around as an authority figure on camera. In 2000, he was free to do pretty much whatever he wanted, but the strict rules governing WWE's on-screen product in 2016 made creative freedom harder to come by. That didn't stop Foley from putting his own stamp on some aspects of the role.

Find out what changes Mick made to his storylines here, along with a number of other wrestling facts and stories we didn't know last week. Steve Austin, Finn Bálor, Bret Hart and AJ Lee are just some of the other names featured. You won't believe the story AJ has to tell...

10. The Rhodes Family Call Battleground 2013 Dusty's 'Last Stand'

Cody Rhodes Goldust Dusty Rhodes

Going into WWE Battleground 2013, one of the biggest matches had Cody Rhodes and Goldust going up against The Shield to save their jobs. The siblings also had their father at ringside, and Dusty's NXT role was (in storyline, at least) on the line too. To Cody and family, this event will always be known as 'Dusty's Last Stand'.

During an interview with the Buffalo News this week, Cody revealed that family members secretly knew that this was it for the 'American Dream'. At Battleground, the legend was barely able to make it up the ring steps, and it became clear this was his last hurrah inside a wrestling ring.

The significance of Dusty's last pay-per-view performance elevates the show from 'B' status into the 'A' category for Cody. He admitted to being nervous before the event, but he's also delighted and proud that he got to share such a moment with his famous father.


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