10 Wrestling Hoaxes That Fooled The Internet

Roman Reigns tinfoil hats at the ready.


We live for the gossip. It seems disingenuous to deny that, given the website that you're reading and I'm contributing to.

Did Austin Aries really shoot at Bound For Glory? It was a believable proposition, given Aries' short fuse and legendary sense of entitlement, which is probably why Impact ran the angle in the first instance. The fact that we're even asking the question means that Impact achieved the objective, no matter how dubious that objective was.

Is WWE pulling out of Crown Jewel? This is the news story of the week; according to Dave Meltzer, WWE will only pull out of the show "if something drastic" happens. Something drastic has happened, hence the pressure on WWE to pull out of the show. A Saudi journalist was lured into a consulate, and murdered and dismembered by his country because he spoke out against the regime. Unless the pressure becomes too drastic - which would be the honest and no less damning response - WWE will proceed with the propaganda exercise unabated, knowing full well that the media won't pay attention to WWE after the fact. Damned, and then ignored: that is the media's historical approach to pro wrestling, distilled.

We live for the gossip, and as such, we are fertile ground for those who love to conceive of mass misery.

But first, some banter...


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