10 WWE NXT Main Roster Call-Ups That Must Happen In 2018

Here's hoping they fare better than Tye Dillinger.


WWE's star-making machine might be irreparably broken, but they've created a near-flawless developmental territory in NXT, which has always been extremely effective in creating TV-ready stars.

There's no telling how well a wrestler will perform after hitting the main roster, but that's down to the bookers. The likes of Bobby Roode and Tye Dillinger were more than prepared for bigger roles, and have suffered through poor direction, not a lack of seasoning in developmental. Conversely, fellow 2017 call-ups Samoa Joe and Asuka are soaring on Raw, demonstrating the finishing school's continued effectiveness.

WWE almost exclusively draw from their developmental talent pool when bolstering the main roster. 12 wrestlers transition from NXT to SmackDown or Raw in 2017, and we'll see countless more in 2018, particularly as the Performance Center's ranks are currently close to bursting.

There are a lot of outstanding prospects doing the rounds at the moment, and call-ups are essential not only to further the graduates' careers, but to open a spot for those beneath them. With that in mind, let's take a look at the names WWE must think about thrusting into a grander spotlight over the coming 12 months...


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