10 WWE Stars Left Without A Clear WrestleMania 34 Match

10. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe

Lord only knows where Samoa Joe would be right now had he not suffered an injury to his foot during a match with Rhyno on 8 January. The most likely scenario is that he would be entering Elimination Chamber, probably in place of Elias or one of the 'Second Chance' lot. That still doesn't clear up what he'd have been doing at 'Mania.

Joe is scheduled to return from injury in mid-March, and that comeback could come too late to secure him a slot in New Orleans. One thing WWE might do is unleash Joe on the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, have him win it, and look to move on to something more substantial the next night.

Other than that, it's hard to see where the Samoan fits. Mid-March doesn't leave WWE enough time to build a feud, so it seems Joe's lot will be either as a pre-show attraction or as a run-in on one of the featured matches. Or, and we hope this isn't the case, WWE will leave him off the card altogether.


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