10 WWE Storylines From 2017 That Will Never Be Resolved

10. Lusty Bayley

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Following the events of Extreme Rules - in which Bayley essentially forfeited the sort of match she knew she was getting herself into at some point, as a lifelong sports entertainment superfan - the Hugger was interviewed by Corey Graves on RAW. After the pro wrestler explained her peaceful protest, she beamed and leaned heavily into Corey Graves with a hug more sensual than platonic. "I'll just rub your back," she said, exhaling. "That felt good, right?"

"I need a cigarette," Graves responded.

"I didn't think you had it in ya!" Michael Cole said, as the cameras cut back into the arena.

"It was the hardest thing I've done in weeks!" Graves exclaimed.

Prior to that p*ss-poor match, WWE creative also leaned heavily into the idea that Bayley wasn't child-like, but an actual child. The abysmal 'This Is Your Life' segment portrayed Bayley as sheltered. Was this new development part of an overarching plot to set Bayley on a path on which she underwent various rites of passage, from the first kiss Alexa Bliss chided her for not having, eventually evolving into a weapon-wielding sh*t-kicker?

Of course not; Bayley exited 2017 having performed in no further programmes of note, and enters 2018 as a ruined nonentity.


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