10 WWE Vs. NJPW Matches Fans Dream About

It's the promotional dream war fans crave, and these are the matches we fantasize.


This week, wrestling fans were given a treat they never thought they would get. Chris Jericho, after saying for years he would only ever work for Vince McMahon, broke his vow and began a salacious affair with New Japan Pro Wrestling following a 20 year absence. He wrestled Kenny Omega in a match that exceeded all expectations and arguably stole the show. Now, everyone is asking when Chris Jericho will return for more dream matches with other New Japan superstars.

Dream matches are easier when you're not signed to WWE. With other companies lacking the exclusivity Vince McMahon requires, wrestlers are better able to have the matches fans crave, regardless of style or region. Still, fans can't help but think about an ideal world in which WWE tear down its walls and allow their talent to play with others. Specifically, what would happen if WWE stars clashed with New Japan wrestlers?

Be it because of wrestling style, storyline intrigue, or clashes of persona, these are the matches we can only see in our wildest of dreams in a WWE vs. New Japan war.


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