12 Things You May Have Missed From Last Night's WWE Raw (June 11)

12. History Repeating


The night's opening segment began with Kurt Angle and Constable Corbin strolling out to all eight Raw Money In The Bank representatives scaled atop ladders, in the ring, ready to shoot pre-PPV barbs.

After Michael Cole had ran through his customary introduction, Corey Graves announced: "we have never kicked off Monday Night Raw like this before."

The tattooed announcer was spouting bulls***. This segment was a recreation of one that took place ahead of Money In The Bank 2016, when the men's ladder match participants gathered in the ring to banter each other off from their perches. Kevin Owens was part of both, which makes Graves' proclamation even dumber, though this is nothing new for Raw's announcers.

Corey's call was a textbook example of WWE goldfish bowl writing. They assume their viewers have no memory span, and reckon they can get away with peppering broadcasts with such fallacies. It'd be nice if they didn't take their audience for granted so, but alas...


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