13 Injured WWE Stars (And When They're Set To Return)

No room left on the treatment table.

Dean Ambrose

WWE are currently in the midst of an injury epidemic. Raw, SmackDown, and NXT are all greatly depleted: each has several top stars stuck on the treatment table, and while many are expected to return before long, the situation raises several concerns about the company.

Professional wrestling is inherently dangerous, and freak accidents are always going to happen. Injuries, sadly, come with the territory, but while this can be used to explain a certain number of cases at any given time, it loses weight when applied to a such a long list of absentees.

It's hard to think of a time when WWE's injury reserve was so huge. To their credit, the company have taken several steps to lessen the physical toll wrestling takes on their performers' bodies, but it feels that new names are succumbing to the injury bug every other week at the moment. Something's got to give.

Regardless, a total of 13 full-time TV performers currently find themselves on the shelf, along with Performance Center athletes Xia Li, Zeda, and Nixon Newell. Who are they, and when can we expect their returns? Let's take a look...

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