13 Wrestlers In Situations That Scared The Sh*t Out Of Them

10. The Undertaker Thinks He's Killed Mick Foley

Imagine the sinking feeling when you think you've just killed your colleague. That chilling emotion ran through The Undetaker on June 28th 1998. He had just thrown Mick Foley sixteen feet off the roof of the Hell In A Cell structure, causing Mankind to crash through the announcer table down below. As Foley lay motionless, Undertaker peered down with a blank white look on his face. The cold expression wasn't a work. Mark Calaway was legitimately in a situation that scared the proverbial s**t out of him. In his mind he'd just killed someone on live television. He thought he'd just been involved in the biggest botch in pro wrestling history. Luckily, Mick Foley had survived the fall and later wrote about a conversation he had with Undertaker after the match. When both men got backstage, he asked Taker how he felt about the fall spot. Coldly and firmly, The Deadman replied "I thought you were dead."
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