13 Wrestlers In Situations That Scared The Sh*t Out Of Them

11. WWE In Iraq And Afghanistan

WWE's annual 'tribute to the troops' is a fantastic touch of humanity. The armed forces of the United States put their lives on the line daily in service for their country. You can see how much this means to the likes of Vince McMahon and John Cena. They wouldn't miss those trips for anything - even if it does mean risking their own lives in the process. When the US were bogged down in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the WWE crew travelled there regardless of the dangers. They were in a legitimate warzone, and on one occasion, a mortar attack occurred very close to the WWE's base. Michael Cole ended up reporting on the attack just seconds after it went down. Tragically, 14 US soldiers died that day. That's how close WWE came to the dangers over there. Were they scared? Of course they would have been. That makes it all the more admirable that they do this for the troops. The armed services are the true superheroes, so it's cool that the fictional WWE superheroes can go and give a little back.
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