15 Most Shocking WrestleMania Moments Of All Time

1. Brock Lesnar Ends The Undertaker's Streak At Wrestlemania XXX

It was the greatest streak in wrestling history, never to be replicated again. Triple H went on record to say that he hoped it would never be broken. And most wrestling fans didn't think it would end either. Undertaker would ride off into the sunset undefeated. At the 30th annual Wrestlemania, however, destiny had another plan in mind. Much like Rollins's cash-in, the decision for the end of the match wasn't finalized until the day of the show. Perhaps Vince McMahon was mulling over whether he could really pull the trigger on ending the holy grail of wrestling accomplishments. What was even more shocking about Taker's loss wasn't just that he lost, but the manner in which he lost. Taker was pinned after three F5s, but the three count still came out of nowhere. Taker had taken much more punishment and had persevered in Manias past. But after the referee's hand slapped the mat for a third time, it's like the air was let out of the Superdome all at once. By far, this was the most shocking moment in Wrestlemania history.
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