15 Most Surprising WWE Royal Rumble Entrants Of All Time

14. Haku (2001)

File this one under under "WTF?". Back in the day, WWF and WCW were not shy about poaching each other's talent. Some big name wrestlers would trade between the two companies during the Monday Night Wars. Needless to say, Haku wasn't one of them. At the time he showed up in the 2001 Rumble, he was the WCW Hardcore Champion, winning the belt a week prior at the WCW PPV Sin. It was just another example of WCW's horrible management during its dying days, and WWE wanted to get a little dig into the competition by stealing away one of their champions, just because they could. Haku barely did anything during his WWE tenure other than forming a short-lived tag team with Rikishi.

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