16 Things You Probably Missed From Last Night's WWE Raw (11 March)

Big Dave was foaming at the mouth over Triple H at WrestleMania. Literally...

drew mcintyre dean ambrose

This week, we were treated to a sh*t-kicking main event on Raw that made Drew McIntyre look like a cold-hearted bad ass who will stop at nothing to end The Shield. The fact he gave Dean Ambrose a 'Scottish Terminator' beatdown in front of his wife on commentary was also very, very nice. In one show, WWE rescued Drew from the clumsiness of his alliance with Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley.

More of this sort of booking, please. It makes Raw less of a chore.

You cannot have missed how great McIntyre looked as he posed atop the announce desk in front of the LED WrestleMania sign, but you might've skipped a few other things on the show. Namely, weird revisionist history that ignored recent storylines, hints about what 'Mania's main event will be, lies about WrestleMania records and heels actually making good points.

There was also a disgusting amount of saliva, some slating of the independent scene and some mid-match snacks. So, grab some popcorn of your own and settle in for some hidden gems from this past Monday's Raw. First though...


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