16 Things You Probably Missed From WWE SmackDown (May 14)

Poor Daniel Bryan and the world's most painful fist bump...

Bray Wyatt

It was weird to hear Corey Graves pretend on SmackDown that Bray Wyatt would debut a "new" edition of his 'Firefly Fun House' show on the program. Of course, this "new" episode turned out to be the same nightmarish reveal of Bray's new look that fans watching Raw had already witnessed.

Why the pretence? It's not like WWE are doing anything wrong by rerunning the same vignette twice in one week.

If you happened to miss Corey's little white lie, then you probably missed a whole load of other gems on SmackDown too. Here, we've got 16 .GIFs, pics and entries that deserve a second viewing for those who may have skimmed through the show. You'll see more 'Wild Card Rule' silliness, some ad break bumps, indulge in some Brit-Pop tuneage and even hear some Shakespeare (who says pro wrestling isn't cultured?).

In addition, one star worked his first match on UK soil for over 10 years, Daniel Bryan had a wry smile over what happened during a backstage segment and Paige cleared the air over her new tag-team's name on social media...


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