20 Wrestlers For WWE's Latin American Tournament

18. Valentin Bravo (Chile)

Valentin Bravo

Born in La Serena, Chile, Valentin Bravo is a stalwart in his nation's biggest wrestling promotion, Campeonato Nacional de Lucha Libre (CNL). At 31 years old, he's close to hitting his prime and already has US experience. Bravo has done some training with ex-WWE stars Mr. Kennedy and Shawn Daivari in Minneapolis.

That bodes well for him, because it means he should already be on WWE's radar. Bravo is a core reason why CNL shows have started to sell out regularly too (they've grown from a small audience of 300 to 1,000 in a short space of time), and he's clearly eager to expand beyond his home country.

Such hunger is something WWE love, so hopefully Valentin was someone William Regal scouted during his recent trip.

He's small (5'7" and approx 160lbs), but WWE will always be on the look out for more Cruiserweight talent they can stick on 205 Live. A lack of size shouldn't hurt him when WWE plan to show something different in these tournaments.


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