25 Most Shocking WWE Photos Of 2018

Turns, retirements, serious illness, comebacks and p*ssing...

Shawn Michaels Triple H

What do you remember most about WWE's 2018?

Daniel Bryan's 'Fight For Your Dreams' promo was one of the year's best, WrestleMania 34 was approximately 18 hours long, the great Shawn Michaels gave retirement the finger for one more match and women's wrestling took centre stage with the Evolution pay-per-view.

Let's give WWE some credit. A year never passes without incident, good or bad, and there has been an almost-overwhelming blend of progressive booking and the same old stuff in 2018. For every tear-jerking Bryan comeback, there was also the bad taste of Crown Jewel happening in Saudi Arabia amidst political controversy.

It was all newsworthy though, and gave WWE's snap-happy photographers some great material to work with. Those togs have sure been busy; across literally hundreds of shows, WWE's camera crew has captured some of the most stunning, shocking and downright dramatic events this year.

In here, you can expect to see quite the mix of tears, trips, taps, treachery, eye-watering stiff strikes, booking that'll leave some furious, dangerous bumps and a nod towards the locker room's real kinship behind the curtain...

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