5 New Names Added To Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame Class 2018

And only one is Japanese, so put your jokes away.


The omissions, as ever, have alienated and in some cases upset voters.

Místico was a disaster as Sin "Original/Botch" Cara in WWE, but in his native Mexico, the man was a critical and commercial sensation, and remains, despite the confidence-shattering WWE run, a major attraction.

Yuji Nagata likely won't experience another year as improbably uplifting and special as 2017, but the currency generated by an awesome G1 Climax run did not translate to votes. Jackie Pallo's low showing perhaps indicts the frame of reference within the voting pool. Akira Taue's relative lack of drawing power perhaps explains his omission. He is an eternal victim of the G.O.A.T. shadow behind which he performed, much like the similarly overlooked Jun Akiyama.

The criteria conflates in-ring work, longevity, drawing power, and positive historical importance - and those who know of Big Daddy are often quick to roll their eyes when they learn of your wrestling fandom. The point of reference for the often scornful, aged British non-fan is the bovine-in-treacle stylings of Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks, which might account for the, ahem, weight behind the latter criteria.

That, or the Observer is lacking knowledge in the field - and vastly understates Big Daddy's status as a cultural cornerstone...

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