5 Reasons Shinsuke Nakamura Will Never Win The WWE Title

If you try and fix something that isn't broken, you break it!


They say good things come to those who wait, but so far the anticipation and build up to Shinsuke Nakamura's WWE main roster run has been way better than what's actually happened.

Captivating a new audience from the get-go in NXT, 'The King Of Strong Style' looked like living up to the hype cultivated over a 14-year dynasty in Japan. More importantly however, it looked like WWE were going to use their 'Rockstar' correctly. Far too many times we've seen big name talent come over from afar and be pigeonholed into the same dated schtick.

You could tell things were going to be slightly different for Nakamura upon his debut at TakeOver: Dallas last year as his theme didn't incorporate a shamisen or a koto - seemingly a prerequisite for any Japanese talent beforehand.

Show-stealing matches and a couple of great championship reigns seemingly convinced all watching that Nakamura is the real deal; that is, of course, all except Vince McMahon it seems. All Vinnie Mac had to do was continue in the same vein and see the dollars roll in. However, as with every single ready-made talent that comes through his doors, he's tried to put his own stamp on it. Of course with McMahon being the be all and end all it's his prerogative to deal with his employees as he chooses but sometimes if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it.

Here are five reasons Shinsuke Nakamura will never win the WWE Championship...

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