Since Monday Nitro premiered on the air against Monday Night Raw the WWF and WCW have been in a weekly battle for ratings. Competition is good for the product, and the last few years have been excellent. WCW has taken the lead in the last few years and has been dominating WWF in the ratings. At this rate, Vince McMahon will be bankrupt and WWF will be dead within 3 years.

Here are 5 reasons why WCW will come out on top.

5. Goldberg

Bill Goldberg

WCW’s hottest property Goldberg is the future of wrestling. On an incredible undefeated streak, Goldberg’s momentum will lead to a huge WCW Title match with Hollywood Hulk Hogan. That match will surely break Pay Per View records and set Goldberg on the fast track to mega stardom and cement his place in WCW as the face of the company for years to come.

4. Ted Turner


The man with the vision. The man with the money. WWF can joke all they want, but having Billionaire Ted as your backer isn’t a bad thing. WCW is part of the Turner Networks and has been a tradition for years to come. When someone like my grandpa knows that wrestling is always on TBS (or WTBS as he calls it), you not only have the built in audience, you have a guarantee that wrestling will always be on the Turner Networks.

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This article was first posted on April 1, 2013