6 Ups And 5 Downs From Last Night's WWE Raw (Nov 19)

Rollins/Angle, Braun angles drive Raw, overcome low points.

Dean Ambrose Seth Rollins

Coming on the heels of a Survivor Series that featured really solid-to-great wrestling but poor, disjointed storytelling, it was interesting to see how WWE moved forward on Raw Monday night.

The answer was that the company advanced a couple major angles, dropping a huge detour – or is it a roadblock? – into one of them.

Braun Strowman was promised a match with Baron Corbin and a match with Brock Lesnar if he delivered for Team Raw, which he did. But we saw him not get exactly what he negotiated, and then get something he certainly didn’t want from a heel beatdown.

Seth Rollins looked more like a lunatic on Raw, driven to those actions by a man nicknamed the Lunatic Fringe, who is looking more and more like a mastermind – or, dare we say it, an Architect – these days. It’s quite a role-reversal, and it could work really well if it’s handled smartly.

We also saw new tag title contenders emerge, but we also saw bad bathroom humor re-emerge on Raw when it should have been flushed after Sunday. We saw Ronda Rousey rebound from an all-out assault, and we saw Nia Jax’s push continue.

With all that said, let’s find out what delivered and what got lost in the mail. Let’s get to it…

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