7 Rules WWE Should Bring Back

Rules are made to be adhered to.


Looking at the superfluous use of foreign objects as well as underhanded maneuvers in WWE matches throughout time, especially during the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras, it is easy to speculate that the current-day product is much cleaner than its predecessors. With most of the action focusing on athletic feats, it’s almost as though there are stricter guidelines in place, but that’s not quite the case.

In fact, as ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin often points out in his podcasts, there are fewer restrictions than ever, which can be more harmful than helpful. For instance, it is rather difficult to paint an upcoming superstar as the bad guy when there are no rules for him to break.

It’s no secret that professional wrestling is fixed, but rules are still important in terms of telling a story during the match. Some add realism. Some add suspense. More often than not, how a superstar wins or loses matters more than the victory itself. By reinstating or reinforcing a handful of rules from wrestling’s past, WWE could stand to round out its in-ring presentation.

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