7 Rules WWE Should Bring Back

6. Choke Holds & Other Illegal Maneuvers

WWE Rule Book

Similar to a closed fist, blatant choke holds do not test the in-ring abilities of a performer and can be dangerous if applied incorrectly, which was why they were once banned. Although they require a bit more technique, moves such as the Powerbomb and Piledriver have hopped on and off the no-list due to the perceived risks.

Today in WWE, it’s almost as if any move is fair game. The Shooting Star Press is allowed, despite Brock Lesnar breaking his neck. The Styles Clash is allowed regardless of the numerous accidents easily found on YouTube, and The Curb Stomp/Blackout is allowed although it was once considered too “perceptually violent.” Even many chokeholds, beyond the age-old Sleeper Hold, are allowed.

While using a risky maneuver can pop the crowd simply because it looks painful or is against the rules, if everyone does so night after night, the effect is lost. But when a heel sneaks in an outlawed move on a distracted referee, it makes it that much viler and devastating.

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