7 Worst Wrestling Moments Of The Week (June 25)

Where's Our Miracle?

Carmella Mitb

This week in wrestling, Kurt Angle proved to be the worst GM detective of all-time. Mick Foley once put all the clues together (that WWE put together on the fly) and figured out Rikishi was the one who tried to brutally murder Steve Austin. On Raw, Angle told fans he was going to crack the case of Enzo and Big Cass' attackers. His master plan? "Somebody confess. Please?"

Lucky for him, Corey Graves knew what was up, otherwise Raw would've ended with a two-hour overrun with everyone just kind of awkwardly looking at each other.

Big Show may have expressed the most ridiculous outrage of the week when he questioned how could Angle accuse him of the assault because of "everything they've been through." "Everything" as in the time Show attempted to chokeslam him 30 feet onto concrete? How about when Angle had Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns shoot him with a dart gun and shave his head? All in good fun. But punching a man in the back of the head apparently crosses too many lines.

Besides that, fans were confused and upset over WWE making a joke of history, more fast food shilling, and Tamina being Tamina. And now, it's time to crack another case and uncover the worst things in wrestling this week.

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