7 Worst WWE Title Reigns Of 2017

7. Dean Ambrose - Intercontinental Champion (January 3 - June 4)


‘The Lunatic Fringe’ badly needed The Shield reunion to freshen up his character after an underwhelming first half of 2017, in which he had a laborious Intercontinental title reign.

Ambrose’s rivalry with The Miz started off hot on SmackDown, with the reality aspect of the Renee Young involvement, but that the feud dragged over onto RAW defeated the whole point of the Superstar Shake-Up, when both men were in need of something new.

His WrestleMania programme with Baron Corbin had a decent narrative to it - that Ambrose kept costing ‘The Lone Wolf’ big opportunities. But it was Corbin who shone in the build up, memorably using a forklift to kayfabe squash the champion during a backstage attack - and the wrong man went over in an average bout that was bumped to the pre-show.

The mediocre match quality and cheesy humour on the microphone made this the worst run of Ambrose’s main roster career, and would not have inspired much confidence in WWE management that he can return to the top of the card.

At least, not as a babyface.

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