7 Wrestlers Whose Last WWE Match Was The Royal Rumble

5. Mil Máscaras

Mil Mascaras Royal Rumble 1997

Mil Máscaras is legitimate wrestling royalty. One of the original big three of Mexican lucha libre, the masked legend has won a plethora of championships and even appeared on official Mexican stamps. If appearing on a stamp doesn't make you some sort of a legend, I'm not sure what does.

Whilst his influence can't be denied, the WWE Hall of Famer wasn't known for his willingness to put younger talent over, no matter whether he was three decades deep into a career that continues in some form to this very day. Mick Foley and Chris Jericho are among the talent to have called Máscaras out on his lack of willingness to sell for others.

Even so, Máscaras' 1997 Royal Rumble appearance remains hilariously fun to this very day. Máscaras entered at number 11, doing a whole lot of nothing for seven minutes before eliminating himself. Mil Máscaras sells for no man. This was his final WWE match, although it was also his first for a decade.


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