8 HUGE WWE TLC 2017 Predictions You Need To Know

A Different Angle


Hats off to WWE for promoting the annual TLC supercard by somehow managing to preserve the chaos and carnage for just one match.

The stellar main event pitting The Miz, The Bar, Braun Strowman and Kane against The Shield will b...


The breaking news you just read was actually true.

Sadly for your writer, the planned two paragraphs discussing the return of the iconic triumvirate are now forever confined to the cutting room floor. B*lls to that though! A whopping late-Friday announcement from WWE confirmed that KURT ANGLE would be replacing ROMAN REIGNS in the main event. All caps for big chaps.

And that's not all. As well as 'The Big Dog' going walkies, 'The Eater Of Worlds' is also out to lunch, as Sister Abigail will no longer meander down to ringside to take on Finn Balor. Not only will that rob you of takes hot enough to set fire to your clothes with in this very article, it'll also delay the chance to marvel at whatever madcap nonsense they had in store for bonkers Bray.

Instead, Balor will take on fellow Bullet Club alumnus AJ Styles in a maiden WWE meeting for the pair. It naturally got a bit lost under the hype of the Angle announcement, but was a harsh reminder that Bray Wyatt is now so f*cked that even an announcement of him not wrestling has potential to be overshadowed.


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