8 New Roles That Would Revive Stale WWE Talent

A change of scenery could make a massive difference to some talent.

Enzo Amore Tattoo

There's nothing worse than watching a WWE superstar struggle in a role on TV, especially when that performer is a genuinely talented individual.

Sadly, the episodic nature of WWE TV means that fans see their favourite superstars week in and week out. As a result, characters, gimmicks, and personalities can often become stale over time, leading to a dip in popularity and, in some instances, even termination.

However, if a wrestler can freshen up their gimmick with a lick of paint, a change in direction or new role, it can breathe a new lease of life into their character and prolong their careers and pushes substantially. Look no further than Chris Jericho for in-ring proof of that. JBL is another prime example of someone who has adapted to a number of different roles to great success over the last 20 years.

While it can be a bold move to jump into the deep end of the unknown, a subtle change in career direction could be just the thing to revitalise some of today's floundering talents. It's a practice that is admittedly high risk but one that could also garner high reward if done with enough thought and conviction.

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