8 Things Non-Wrestling People Don't Believe About Wrestling

We know it's fake... but also, it isn't.

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Jaw hit floor in the FS1 studio this past week, when WWE's Bayley casually let slip to Fair Game host Kristine Leahy that WWE's champions are expected to chauffeur at their own expense between shows, enduring a gruelling schedule which often sees them getting acquainted with America's highways sometimes for four hours per stint.

It's always utterly fascinating to see how 'real people' react when confronted with the abnormal normalities of a business which has long since stopped surprising anyone intimately familiar with it. Leahy's face was a picture as The Hugger tried to explain the ludicrous working conditions as an industry tradition. You could almost see years of indoctrination being de-radicalised at the suggestion that, you know, this isn't how other employers operate.

Travel itineraries that'd have Michael Palin complainin' are but a drop in the ocean of wrestling's murkiest methods. Judging by her slack jawed disbelief, Leahy would require reconstructive orthodontry were she to be confronted with some of wrestling's more ludicrous yet equally established practices.

Even the basic conceit of the industry flabbergasts most outsiders. How can you defend the concept of blading given that context?

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Editorial Team

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