8 Wrestlers You Didn't Know Were Related

8. Hulk Hogan & Mike Awesome


Everybody knows Hulk Hogan and Horace Hogan are related. Clue's in the name, innit. But did you know that by extension Hulk is also related to Horace's cousin, Mike Awesome?

Hogan walked out of WCW following the infamous Vince Russo shoot-promo at Bash at the Beach 2000, and pretty soon after Awesome was saddled with a series of dreadful gimmicks. Horace Hogan also departed the company immediately after the incident; it's unlikely the two scenarios are coincidental.

There was a time when association with the Hulkster virtually guaranteed a seat dining at the top table - just ask Ed Leslie - but poor Mike was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Soon after Hogan's flounce, Awesome became enamored with overweight women, before adopting that '70s gimmick. The results were not good.

Still, at least he wasn't The Booty Man or Zodiac. Seems the Hulkamania rub just isn't worth it.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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