8 WWE Backstage Powers With Salaries You Won't Believe

Take a guess as to who makes more money - Triple H or Stephanie McMahon?

Vince McMahon is reportedly a billionaire again, with the WWE stock hovering around $20. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are also enjoying considerable money flowing into their bank accounts, proving that it's a very profitable time to be a backstage executive in the WWE. This latest feature will reveal just what salary the biggest names backstage in WWE are taking home, as well as detailing the stock worth and 'talent' pay they're receiving. Needless to say, when you factor all the different streams of money in, you'll see just why it pays to be a McMahon. The WWE itself right now is enjoying a great period of commercial success. Say what you want critically about the TV show, but as a business, they can be very happy with the work they're doing. Profit in 2013 of $99 million was testament to this success, a figure which will no doubt have buoyed Vince McMahon ahead of his brave innovation with the WWE Network this year. The WWE is now a media empire which is envied around the world, admirably built from a regional New York promotion into a global power which contrasts from America to Saudi Arabia. McMahon truly has made his company 'World' Wrestling Entertainment. When you consider the fact that WWE only has 700 employees, it's quite impressive that the global brand reach and corporate power is so huge. Those at the very top of the WWE employment structure are compensated with some extraordinary pay deals. Here are the top 8 Backstage powers with salaries you won't believe, everyone from Stephanie to Vince himself...
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