8 WWE Backstage Powers With Salaries You Won't Believe

7. Linda McMahon - WWE Shares Holdings Of $280.2 million

Vickie Guerrero's $80,000 a year is a grain of sand compared to Linda McMahon's mountain of $280.2 million. Linda built the WWE from scratch alongside husband Vince, so she fully deserves to see her share in WWE rewarding that original investment. She no longer works for WWE, so there is no formal wage, but the current value of her 9,066,770 shares ensures she never needs to worry about the cost of anything - even with stock market fluctuations, she is eternally going to be a multi-millionaire several times over. It's financial strength like this which enabled Linda to run for the United States Senate. She failed in that goal, but remains a key political figure in Connecticut, recently donating $250,000 to the Republican Governors Association in the first quarter of 2014. A quarter of a million dollars is something most of us would dream of, but with her value of $280 million, Linda can afford to donate these kind of sums away. As a leading 80's and 90's businesswoman who built a media empire, Linda McMahon is a millionaire who is now enjoying the fruits of her labour.
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