8 WWE Stars Who Have Rescued Their Careers

Back from the brink.

bobby lashley lio rush

As the iconic Muhammad Ali once said, "You don't lose if you get knocked down; you lose if you stay down". That was true physically for Ali as a boxer. If he didn't haul his weary frame off the canvas, then he was never going to win. The same logic can be applied, mentally, to WWE's cast of superstars.

Often, they're the ones who have to bounce back when the folks writing for them are fresh outta' ideas, and they're the ones who must pick up the pieces of fragmented careers. It takes a lot of spirit to rebound, thrive and rescue a career that's either going nowhere or is spiralling out of control.

Everyone on this list experienced circumstances that threatened to (and in some cases did, albeit temporarily) end their WWE dreams. At that point, one of two things happened. Some left the company for a spell and recaptured their zest for the business, and others bravely pushed their way into new roles that left pain-filled memories behind.

These are men and women to be respected for showing that courage...

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