9 Things We Learned Watching Southpaw Regional Wrestling

The lost territory shows us how great this business can truly be.


The classic territory of Southpaw Regional Wrestling, once thought lost to the ether of fading memories, has now been blessedly unearthed from deep within the bowels of the WWE archives by some Howard Carter-esque intern on a mission to save the dying business of professional wrestling by allowing fans a glimpse into the glory days of the sport we all love.

SRW was a haven of grappling talent during its 1980s heydey. Anyone with a name spent time plying their trade between the ropes there, vying to wrest the title from the rigid, charismatic grasp of champion John Johnson.

Thus far only four episodes have been uploaded, with WWE wisely choosing to hold back unleashing more of the footage to avoid the collapsing migration of the entire Raw and SmackDown audience. But that quartet of programming has set the fanbase on fire, demanding the release of the entire SRW library on the Network, or else we'll be forced to get #CancelWWENetwork trending once again.

For those of you who've read this far and aren't in on the joke, forgive me for shattering kayfabe, but SRW is actually a parody YouTube series put together by the WWE talent themselves, and it's utterly brilliant.

Check out the best stuff we learned watching these all-too-few episodes.


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