9 Ways Impact Wrestling Can Successfully Rebrand

It is back to the drawing board once again for Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling

Certain things in life are inevitable. The sun will rise, we will all die, and the professional wrestling promotion best known as TNA will endure an end-of-year crisis. Less than 12 months ago the company needed last minute financial salvation from outside sources to survive, making it into 2017 by the skin of its teeth and little else.

The first quarter of 2017 seemed to bring a little bit of stability, but it didn’t last long. The Hardy Boyz left, kicking off a lengthy battle over the intellectual property rights to a deranged Matt Hardy. Impact then rebranded as Global Force Wrestling, only for their newly-crowned GFW Global Champion to be suspended following allegations of domestic abuse. Alberto El Patron is yet to return to the company.

Jeff Jarrett has returned and departed once again leading owners Anthem to hint that the company will be moving and rebranding. As with the end of every year, it seems as though TNA is dead once again. How can the company make chicken salad from this most odious of chicken sh*t?


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