9 WWE Champions You Didn't Care Enough To Hate

9. Kane


There were times, even after his 2003 unmasking, that fans would have accepted Kane as a legitimate WWE world champion - mid-way through the following year, when he was feuding Chris Benoit, perhaps being one of them.

Six years later, however, there was little appetite for seeing The Big Red Machine in the main event, particularly with younger stars like CM Punk, Rey Mysterio and John Morrison waiting in the SmackDown wings.

To compound matters, it took WWE just two months to rekindle his long-term sibling rivalry with The Undertaker, a feud that fans had grown tired of at least a decade earlier (their matches, despite the familiarity with one another's styles, never really managing to catch fire).

In short, it was nice for a tireless worker and 15-year company veteran like Kane to get his belated moment in the spotlight - but we probably could have done without a six-month reign and another re-hash of wrestling's most over-done storyline.