9 WWE Champions You Didn't Care Enough To Hate


The go-to defence offered by WWE colleagues when nominal faces like John Cena and Roman Reigns are booed out of the arena is that "negative reaction is better than no reaction".

This faultless logic appears to be the reason that The Big Dog has been pencilled in for his fourth consecutive WrestleMania main event when the company heads to New Orleans next April. If you want to stop that, you're going to have to keep quiet about it.

To be fair, it does make a modicum of sense. Even a wrestler who is hated can help put butts in seats by enraging fans to the point where they'd part with their money in order to see them get a well-earned ass-kicking.

In practice, however, WWE hasn't always been able to remain faithful to this maxim. There have been one or two world champions from its history who have simply been too boring to command cheers or boos.

Sometimes, this is because of insurmountable flaws (or perceived flaws) in their wrestling profile - but, more often than not, it's down to the creative team making a mess of things.