A Brief History Of World Wrestling All-Stars

8. International Touring

McManus and co. made good use of their Southern Hemisphere roots by targeting Australia as their initial touring location. An often overlooked part of the world when it comes to WWE touring schedules, WWA had a hungry fan-base right on their doorstep and they gave the wrestling-starved continent a taste of top tier wrestling action in 2001.

After six shows, including one PPV event (The Inception), McManus was ready to take on the world and bring the WWA overseas. With the momentum of the Aussie events behind them, WWA arrived in the United Kingdom, another area starved of US wrestling tours at the time. With eight shows covering all four countries in the UK, WWA were gaining a reputation and slowly making a name for themselves internationally, despite having no TV or regular PPVs at the time.

Inevitably WWA attempted to break into the United States, with The Revolution PPV event acting as its sole venture in the US market. Unfortunately, that show in particular was plagued by a number of problems, leading WWA to put their focus back on Europe and Australasia.

With The Eruption and The Retribution tours returning to Australia and the UK respectively, WWA carved out a niche in these markets as star-studded alternate wrestling product. With additional events in Ireland, Switzerland, and New Zealand, WWA solidified their position as a true touring brand in every sense of the term.


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