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Is Bulgarian finished with company?

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Allay those fears that WWE seem on the cusp of ruining of a wonderful Rusev Day; according to wrestling journalism doyen Dave Meltzer, the Bulgarian's latest drama is "all storyline."

Rumours began this Thursday, when Rusev was suddenly pulled from his Greatest Royal Rumble casket match opposite The Undertaker, to be replaced with a returning Chris Jericho. An off-the-cuff interview with TMZ during which Ru Ru referred to 'Taker as "past his prime" - and the subsequent social media 'outrage' by the Deadman's wife, Michelle McCool - was highlighted as a possible reason for the switch.

Adding further fuel to the fire, Rusev yesterday made sweeping and potentially telling alterations to his Twitter account, removing all references to WWE, whilst posting cryptic tweets saying "Life is life... it will be #RuseDay somewhere."

Usually when there's Twitter smoke, there's 'fired', but not this time, apparently. Meltzer dismissed the rumourmongering in his daily update as a work, whilst Jimmy Traina of Sports Illustrated likewise received confirmation from WWE that Rusev is still employed by the company, and is set to be part of the Greatest Royal Rumble match itself. Those 50 spots won't fill themselves, afterall.

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