Lana & Rusev Deny Reports That They're Leaving WWE

File those "Rusev asks for his release" stories in the fake news bin.

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It seems that rumours of Lana and Rusev's WWE demise have been greatly exaggerated.

The couple's status with the company has been the subject of much speculation since August 19th, when it was first rumoured that Rusev had asked to be released from his contract. Pro Wrestling Times first made the claim on Twitter, and the Dirty Sheets Podcast corroborated it, but the reports have now been debunked.

Lana rubbished the rumours last night:-

Rusev followed up, making a mockery of suggestions that Road Dogg had broken up a "heated discussion" between him and the writers:- have also clarified the situation, claiming that "after speaking with several sources close to the situation, there is no truth to the report." Pro Wrestling Times had cited Sean Cleary, WWE's apparent President Of Talent Relations, as their source. Cleary, however, hasn't worked for WWE since October 2015.

The original story suggested that Rusev was unhappy with his creative direction after returning from injury in July, hence the request. It had gained significant traction over the past few days, and gathered steam when he was squashed at SummerSlam. Fortunately, it looks like him and Lana will be sticking around a while longer.

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