Predicting The First 10 AEW World Champions

Page and Jericho collide at All Out, but Moxley, Omega, and more lie in wait...


All Elite Wrestling will crown their first World Champion at All Out on 31 August, with Adam 'Hangman' Page and Chris Jericho set to contest the strap in the night's likeliest main event.

The journey began at Double Or Nothing. Page competed in that night's Casino Battle Royale, besting 20 other competitors to win the right to challenge for the gold, while 'Y2J' earned his spot by besting Kenny Omega in the night's main event. Bret Hart unveiled the big, shiny belt somewhere in between, and with Jericho battering Page at Fight for the Fallen (before Hangman returned the favour that same night), the feud keeps rumbling along.

This article will attempt to forecast the future based not only on what we've seen on the three pay-per-views AEW have held so far, but what Cody, Tony Khan, and the company's other executives have told us about how they'll operate. All predictions therefore rely on these guys telling the truth, which, of course, is far from given, though they've provided few reasons not to trust them so far.

Let's break down what could be an exciting run of champions spanning the next 2-3 years...


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