Predicting The Next 10 First Time Universal Champions

Universal (Title) Acclaim for Randy Orton & Braun Strowman?


When you think about the fact that the Universal Title has been a part of Raw for over two years, it's rather shocking that there has only been five champions in that space of time. The main reason for that, of course, was down to the fact that part-timer Brock Lesnar took the belt off fellow part-timer Goldberg and subsequently embarked on a painfully long 504-day title reign which saw the championship taken off TV for long periods at a time.

Roman Reigns' victory over 'The Beast' at SummerSlam freed the title from its cage, once again returning it to the full-time roster. With Lesnar's title reign in the past, the red brand's premiere championship is once again free to be defended whenever and wherever the new champion chooses it to be - opening it up to a whole new set of superstars for the first time in over a year.

This new era will eventually bring a horde of new first-time champions with it, as the vast majority of the Raw roster has yet to actually hold the gold - but which of the red brand's talented superstars will claim their first Universal Championship in the near-future?

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