Ranking Every WWE Money In The Bank Winner’s Run With The Briefcase

Who's been the greatest Mr. Money in the Bank?


It’s been 12 years since Money in the Bank became a staple of WWE programming, and since then it’s proved a pretty versatile concept.

On one end of the spectrum, we’ve seen seasoned veterans like John Cena, Kane and Randy Orton get their get their mitts on the briefcase, and on the flipside, nine less-established names have managed to win their maiden world championships off the back of a Money in the Bank cash-in.

The cash-ins themselves are naturally the moments that tend to make the most headlines, but in some cases, the run with the briefcase that precedes that pay-off can provide just as many highlights.

So, in the interest of looking at the bigger picture, let’s have a stab at ranking each Money in the Bank winner’s run with the briefcase. We’ll take into account stats like the length of that run, any memorable moments from along the way as well as the eventual cash-in itself, starting with a guy who is technically a Money in the Bank record holder. It just so happens that this record isn’t a particularly welcome one...


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