Ranking Every WWE Survivor Series From Worst To Best

Teams of five strive to survive. Teams of four are a bit of a bore.


The late changes to this year's Survivor Series were oddly in keeping with the chaos that engulfed the company exactly one year prior.

Kurt Angle's WWE in-ring return was splurged on a Shield substitute appearance a month prior to him wrestling on the event, Triple H bullied his way into entering and winning the Red Vs Blue headliner for Team Raw, and AJ Styles took the SmackDown Live's top title from Jinder Mahal to write him out of the Survivor Series main event with Brock Lesnar and hopefully out of WWE main event consideration forever.

With any luck, a brand new tradition can form from these two back-to-back bananas builds. Survivor Series stuck around on tradition alone for many years, with a number of events failing to maintain the sort of hype one of the 'Big Four' shows ordinarily orchestrates.

Admittedly, the 2016 Brand Split reflected a turning point in how the shows were structured, but how many of those 'Thanksgiving Classics' in the intervening years lived up to the company's prized billing? Furthermore, how many of them were even better than the notoriously fickle Vince McMahon could have expected when he planned to bin the brand altogether? Some of these cards literally saved the show. Some were sorely missing saviours...


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