Ranking Every WWE Survivor Series From Worst To Best

30. 1999

Survivor Series

The Good: Chris Jericho and Chyna had what was at that point 'The Ninth Wonder Of The World's best ever match, and 'Y2J's best in the company after a troubled started. They'd have better together, but this above-average effort stuck out more on such a chronic card.

The Bad: The Big Show's decimation of the Big Boss Man's (and his own) team was pathetic, even if it made a sliver more sense later in the show. Considering how hot the weekly product was, this entire card is a disaster area. Assembled teams make absolutely no sense, the contests are heatless and the show-long bait-and switch angle sours just about everything else on the card. And speaking of that...

The Ugly: WWE scripting Stone Cold Steve Austin to bounce off a car as a main event write-off on the night was crass and unusually unprofessional. 'The Rattlesnake' wasn't ever destined to compete, but they ploughed on regardless. Big Show's win didn't do much to satiate the irritation.


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