Rey Mysterio Could Leave WWE Before WrestleMania 36

Big update on the WWE Championship contender's contract status.

Rey Mysterio Raw

Amongst other things, this is WWE's talent-hoarding era, with the promotion reluctant to let go of any wrestler who could potentially jump to their new competition, AEW, and prove a difference-maker, though recent reports suggest they may be willing to let go of anyone they feel incapable of moving All Elite's needle.

One man who'd certainly make a different to the nascent promotion's fortunes is Rey Mysterio, who, unlike most of his roster-mates, appears to have his future in his own hands.

As reported by PWInsider's Mike Johnson when Rey returned to WWE in September 2018, Mysterio's deal included a clause allowing him to opt out if he wasn't satisfied with how things were going. This means the lucha legend could theoretically walk away from the world's biggest promotion in March 2020 - a month before WrestleMania 36.

It should be noted that WWE may add time onto Mysterio's contract after various spells on the sidelines, though whether or not this would impact his 18-month clause is unclear.

Regardless, given that he's about to challenge for Brock Lesnar's WWE Championship and WWE are building something long-term with his son Dominic, it's hard to see Mysterio enacting this clause at the moment.

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