Rusev And Lana's WWE Future In Doubt?

Pair don't know what to do after break.

Rusev Lana

Popular couple Rusev and Lana have not been spied on WWE programming in some months, with the Bulgarian and his wife apparently taking an extended sabbatical from the company.

We've heard nothing about the pair's future since, and it remains totally unclear whether the sun may have set on Rusev Day, or if he and Lana will be back to crushing before the year's out.

One inquisitive fan took the question to The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer, one of the business' most well-connected journos, to ask just what in the blazes was going on. Meltzer confirmed that the pair weren't sitting out their contracts, but were in fact on a break.

As for their future after that, he wasn't clear, saying he didn't know what they wanted to do next:

It's an odd answer, for sure. The end of the pair's break would surely see them return to WWE programming, assuming they weren't simply waiting for their contracts to expire. Reading between the lines then, Rusev and Lana could be eyeing pastures new once they reach terms with their current employers.

Rusev, who is widely understood to be unhappy with his current position in the company, has not wrestled since 7 June's Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia.

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