Sting's 10 Best Matches Ever

10. Sting & Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk & Great Muta (Halloween Havoc '89)

For those not familiar with WCW's Thunderdome cage, it was basically an archaic looking version of WWE's Hell In A Cell. The cage was made of thin metal bars, and the structure went entirely around the outside of the ring just as WWE's cell now does. At the top of the cage, the bars curve towards the center of the ring like a prison fence (it is not completely closed on the top) so as to keep the wrestlers from climbing out. In addition, this particular cage was supposed to be electrified towards the top, giving the wrestlers another reason to think twice about climbing out. This was the structure that would be the setting for this memorable encounter at Halloween Havoc. From the ring entrances forward, it was clear that the crowd in Philadelphia was hyped for the match. During his feud with Flair during this era, Terry Funk had incredible heat from the audience; just watch his entrance, you don't see real hate like that from the fans in wrestling anymore. Watching this match back 25 years later, it becomes clear just how much good tag team wrestling is missing from today's product.

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