Surprising WWE Superstar Set For Major Royal Rumble 2019 Push?

An unlikely WWE star could be set to shine this spring.

Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews has enjoyed a renewed mini-push since splitting from Titus Worldwide last year, with the former Uhaa Nation earning a shot at Dean Ambrose's WWE Intercontinental Champions on Raw's 31 December episode. Now, it looks like his improved run could be sustained beyond the Royal Rumble.

This is according to PWInsider's Mike Johnson on his Elite Radio show, who claims that "they want to do something with Apollo Crews," though he reckons that a "slow burn" is likelier than a rocket push.

Johnson added that while he believes Crews is packed with potential, he worries that he may never recover from the poor treatment he has received throughout his main roster run. A fair concern, provided you believe Apollo has the capacity to play an upper-midcard role, as much of his time on Raw was spent as one half of a glorified jobber tag team.

Crews' latest victory came when he teamed with Ember Moon to face Alicia Fox and Jinder Mahal on Raw. A world-class athlete, only time will tell if this is enough to overcome his charisma deficit, which will be crucial if he's to cut it at a higher level.

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